• We are a team of professionals in the area of U.S. – Poland business collaboration with extensive experience in advanced technology services

  • We assist foreign companies
    with starting and growing their business in Poland

    You are considering to do business in Poland but you don’t know where to start? 
    MeMo Consulting has the expertise to navigate you through vibrant and dynamic Polish economy. We will help you make the process productive and rewarding
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  • We take care of your business in Poland

    Market Entry - Business Development
    Commercial Relations - Business Related Services 
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  • We cross boundaries with our clients to create value

    Our comprehensive approach makes the process of market entry productive and rewarding
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Market Entry Market Entry
Market Entry
We'll help you set up your business in Poland
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Business Development Business Development
Business Development
Support to enhance profitable growth of your company
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Commercial Support Commercial Support
Commercial Support
Assistance with long-term commercial activities and short-term projects such as special events or trade shows
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Technology Outsourcing Technology Outsourcing
Technology Outsourcing
Tailored solutions in the right time-frame to deliver results and sustained growth
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